We revolutionize the experience of eating and drinking out! Download Tastimo to discover great food and drinks nearby while sharing tasty moments with your friends and foodies around you.

What is Tastimo?

First all-in-one mobile app that connects customers and venues with mutual benefits! A new stylish and modern platform where place managers can promote their places through digital menus with beautiful dish photos, so more customers discover them! Customers can explore great food and drinks, check reviews from other clients to choose what they want to order at their table or for take away.

Food Socialising

We bring people together through wonderful food in great places. Discover respected foodies around you and see what tips food and drink tips they share.

Beautiful Photos

With Tastimo you will discover the most phantastic and realistic food offering based on beautiful food photos.

Food Love

We help you explore greatest food in town and let you share the most tasty moments with people around you.

Mobile Ordering

Tastimo gives you the power to order inside your favorite place right at the table or as a take-away order.

Why using Tastimo?

Finally, you can order inside a restaurant right at your table, or just make a take-away order, using your iPhone or Android phone. No more waiting for the waiter to place an order or to pay the bill. Enjoy your time spent in a restaurant or cafe and delight yourself with a good dining experience instead of waiting. Be in control of your time and your bill!

Discover food around you

Explore food or drinks anywhere close around you based on your mood or time of the day. Make sure to leave a comment if you liked a particular dish or drink.

Food & Drink Menu

Explore beautiful photo menus in your mobile phone to help you with your choice what and where to eat. Don't rely purely on ratings of restaurants or bars, but decide based on a greatly prepared meal.

Order & Pay

Start your order by choosing whether you consume inside the place or just take it away. You want to relax in your favorite place? Or you're in hurry and just grab something tasty? Tastimo helps you with both.

Share Your Experience

Share your opinion by posting a comment and socialize with other food or drink lovers. Find out what other foodies around you love and discover new great dishes with them. Together, we build a real food lover community.

Why activate my place?

We at Tastimo strive to promote your pub, restaurant or cafe with the goal to help you attract new customers. We do this by transforming your menu offering into a beautiful appearing collection of dishes available on their mobile phones. This allows you not only to get new customers but also to sell more to those already visiting your place via the built-in ordering features.

Promote great food

Launched in 3 major European capitals Prague, Bucharest and Bratislava, Tastimo helps you promote your place in multiple languages anywhere you are.

Sell More

Gain new customers through your unique food offer presented in Tastimo. Sell more to your existing customers by various cross-selling capabilities of Tastimo.

We are your App

Why would you make your own mobile app? Just activate Tastimo and impress your customers by stunning food and drink photos in your digital menu. Change your menu on-the-fly and start receiving your orders.

Collect Feedback

Get feedback from your customers and know who your customers are. Make targeted promotions of your food to your client base.

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About Us

We at Tastimo are eager to provide you an amazing going-out experience and help you chose what establishment you visit based on great food and drinks around you. If you feel, we can improve any part of our service or expand in your town, please drop us a message.



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